Solar in IsraelThe solar industry in Israel is not a big market in terms of solar installations like in Europe and the US, but its huge market in terms of technology and opportunities. Since the government law on 2008, thousands of installations of 5 KW up to 50 KW are taking place daily and the local companies are working above 100% capacity.

This solar energy law, which have made the change in all terms of Solar in Israel, and placed the solar energy on the front of the energy market and gave the private solar energy manufacturers the option to sell the green solar power to the main electricity company. The solar market in Israel is rising monthly, more and more KW’s are produced by the different solar systems all around the country. The first solar portal, which gathers all the information for the customers and the suppliers, is the Solar Israel portal

More information can be found about the Solar companies in Israel and the Solar Panels Israel technologies

In the Jungle of the importers, suppliers, local and international manufacturers, installation companies, consultants and others, the Solar Israel website is looking to provide the right solution for the right place. The single customer who is looking to install the solar system on his roof top or at his free agriculture space is not ready to do all the research in order to learn what is the best solar panels for him or which electric converter will perform the best in his geographic location, he is looking to pay the lower price for the most effective system. Same are the installation companies who are looking to sell as many systems with the components they are importing from out of the country. Solar Israel is in the middle, providing both sides the shortest way for their best solution.

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