As most would guess, the State of Israel is ideally positioned for use of solar energy options. It is comprised of roughly 60% desert, including the Negev Desert in the south that is home to the National Solar Energy Center. There are also more than 20 solar companies in Israel too

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Some of these solar companies in Israel are working to help citizens overcome the limited options for purchasing photovoltaic (or PV) cells. This is necessary because the country has not production facilities of its own, and the panels or cells are a bit cost prohibitive to continually import. So, many of the companies work to provide people with access to cells, and to the systems to which they connect

For example, there is 3G Solar making DSC or dye solar cell equipment, there is Chromagen Company making hot water heaters, and Interdan among a handful of others. There are also solar companies in Israel that are working to deliver energy in the same ways that a traditional power plant does. These include the Arava Power Company intending to supply renewable energy to the Arava region of Israel, Luz II, MST, and Solel among others

Why is there so much activity based in Israel? The state has been heavily invested in alternative energy supplies and sources since its founding in the late 1940s. This is because the country has no oil or gas supplies of its own and must rely entirely on imports to create electricity. This is, obviously, an unfavorable position for any modern nation hoping to control its economic and security status, and so Israel has become a leading pioneer in the advancement of solar energy solutions. The many domestic and international companies have flocked there to enable themselves to play a key role in the rapid expansion of the technologies as well as to take advantage of the ideal natural environment for them

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