The solar industry in Israel is an exciting place to be in, despite it being a small in size compared to Europe and the US, it is a huge market inThe israeli solar industry terms of technologies, opportunities and financial reward. In 2008 the Israeli government has passed a law, and has published enabling regulations regarding the utilization of solar energy. Ever since, thousands of PV solar systems, ranging from 5 KW to 50 KW have been installed, and more are being installed on a daily basis. The local companies are working at above 100% capacity.

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In terms of Solar in Israel, it is the solar energy law that has made all the difference. It has placed the solar energy industry at the front line of the the energy market and provided private producers of solar electricity with the option of selling green solar power to the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC). The solar market in Israel is expanding monthly, kilowatts upon kilowatts of solar electricity are being produced by the different solar systems all around the country.  The Solar Israel portal is the portal that gathers all the information necessary for both the customer and the supplier.

In the Jungle of importers, suppliers, local and international manufacturers, installation companies, consultants, legislation and so on, the Solar Israel website is looking to provide the right solution for the right place. You, the private customer, are looking to install a solar system on your rooftop or on free agricultural space, and are not prepared to perform all the research in order to decide what are the best solar panels, or which electric converter will perform the best in your geographic location.

The private customer will want to pay the best price available for the most effective system. The same goes for the installation companies who are looking to sell as many systems with the components they importing. Solar Israel is your medium for information on solar, providing all parties with the shortest route for the best solution.

Since July 2008, the solar-energy market in Israel came to the center of public interest

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Feed in tariffs and advanced regulations has increased profitability and created a dynamic market for both domestic and business PV systems of up to 50 KW. Future regulations for larger systems are to be announced shortly and fuel the market even further more

Solar-israel is the focal point of this market in Israel today. The portal is been used as a content web site that provides information for potential customers and a platform for companies who wishes to presents their products and services

The portal is also an active community with forum, board, up to date news, cutting edge technologies, finance options and opportunities, ROI calculator and more

Our visitors are highly segmented and arrive to the portal only via the major search engines while looking for information in the field of solar-systems

Israel, as a country with an unlimited supply of sun-light as a renewable energy resource in most of the year is a classic market for the solar industry. many ground breaking technology are and has been developed here during the years

Our vision in Solar-Israel is to help promote the solar energy issue and distribute knowledge in order to establish a reliable and self sufficient energy market in Israel for us and the future generations to to come

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Ofir Brill

Portal Manager